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-blown hurricane. the category one storm clobbered jamaica with 80 mile an hour wind and torrential rain before heading north toward cuba and the bahamas. in haiti, rushing waters claimed one life. beyond the weekend, there are two possible tracks: one, sandy skirt it is east coast, sending waves and rain but nothing dangerous. two, the storm could hit the eastern u.s., bringing snow, slamming new york and new england directly. there's a new picasso surprise that has the art world excited. for years, the woman ironing was a well-known painting but she was hiding something. when picasso was young he started a different painting but he gave up on it. the artest was young and poor so he reused to canvas, covering the first painting entirely. recently, experts cleaned the woman and, using infrared cameras, revealed clearly she was hiding a man with a mustache painted a century ago. it is a masterpiece of another kind. we're going to give you a tour kind. we're going to give you a tour of a home fit for a hero. next. trust duracell...?? duralock power preserve. locks in power for up to 10 years in s
the system will cut right over kingston, jamaica, and resort areas. the tropical storm is already drudging parts of jamaica with steady rain. people are already boarding up homes and stocking up on supplies. the storm is not expected to pose a threat to the gulf of mexico. hurricane season ends november 30th. >>> a fast moving wildfire is threatening hundreds of homes in colorado. deputies in custer county west of pueblo are evacuating more than 300 homes. firefighters say it started yesterday at one home and quickly spread to nearby brush. winds up to 80 miles an hour helped fan the flames. lower winds today could help firefighters gain control of this fire. >>> 13 before the hour right now. a prince george's county family said the punishment should be more severe for a teenager convicted of killing his 2-year-old foster sister. a judge sentenced the boy to a therapeutic group home instead of a juvenile detention center, pointing out the boy did not understand the severity of his actions. he avoided jail time by pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter. the boy beat his foster sister a
gathers momentum and targets cuba after hitting jamaica. nine-meter waves and a storm surge in southeastern cuba. hello. welcome to gmt with me, zeinab badawi. after the recent spike in violence, a truce between hamas and got and israeli forces -- in gaza. and we looked at the rise and fall of the arab world dictators. microsoft launches into the world of tablets. is it too late? it's midday in london, 7:00 in the evening in mei xiabeijing. in cuba, hurricane sandy has abandoned to the southeast of the country with a glimpse of 183 kilometers per hour. the category 2 hurricane has cut power, created 9 meter waves and a storm surge. thousands of residents and tourists have been moved from global areas as part of well rehearsed hurricane evacuation procedures. >> strong winds and heavy rain hitting havana. cuba experiencing the effects of hurricane sandy. while residents of the capital saw cover, it was in the southeastern part of the island that the parcel storm had made its landfall. maximum sustained winds of 180 kilometers per hour. >> the most dangerous for the moment is
>> announcer: this is breaking news on news 4 at 11:00. >> tonight, hurricane sandy slams jamaica causing at least two deaths. now people from florida to new york are bracing for impact. >> here, in washington, we could see some strong winds and heavy rain this weekend. there's also potential for significant power outages. >> for a closer look at the storm, here's doug cameron. >> yeah, guys, we have a lot of time to watch this storm, obviously over the next three or four days, our forecast is going to get better and better. a significant threat is imposed up the east coast. that storm strengthening waiting for the latest add vie ri. the eye of the storm very well defined here for jamaica and cuba. it could be very close to category ii strike. let's take a look and see if we've got the latest data in here. right now, it looks like we're seeing that data a little bit late. 85 mile an hour winds is the latest advisory. it will continue to move its way up the close. and as it does, it's going to move towards the eastern coast and right over t bahamas, up towards the east coach and po
stronger and will make land paul in jamaica today will we will tell you when it's heading in our area on this wednesday october 24th. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. so gorgeous out it's hard to believe there's a storm. >> took my daughter for a walk and may have stayed a little longer but it was a perfect day to be outside. >> you know what we are talking about if you got outside. hopefully you will do it today because it's going to be better. >> it will be warmer. if you like the warmer temperatures, you will like today. temperatures starting out on the mild side. see the upper 50s in jessup and sykesville. 60 degrees in catonsville this morning. so you don't need the heavy coat. maybe a light sweater as you head out and about. and wind are calm. they will pick -- winds are calm. they will pick up out of the southwest. all is quiet and should stay that way throughout the day. a storm is brewing in the tropics. and also, we have a cold front that's going to interact. we have lots to talk about today. i will get to that later. as you st
the kennedy airport security system. he became stranded in jamaica in august when his jet so he swam to e airport and climbed a barbwire fence, crossed two runways and eventually rock -- walked right into a secure terminal. i figured i was gonna be on camera and somebody would up and maybe a helicopter or police car would come. nothing happened. i had to walk up to a cargo area. in the end, he was arrested charged with felony trespassing. it has been reduced to a misdemeanor. the world series will run detroit and san francisco and game 1 is tonight. this is a case of when making a bet on a sporting event backfires. walked into work wilson building, he was greeted with a st. louis flag. that was the district price to pay for the nationals losing to the st. louis cardinals in the nlcs. most nats fans say they are not and today theble historic season. a big baseball fan and worst loss i have ever been part of. it was vincent gray lost a bet with the st. louis mayor. the three rivers banner will on pennsylvania entire day.he what did you think when you that flag? reminded that we lost .hem >>
, pushing close to 80 on the eastern shore. what do you know? we had hurricane sandy near jamaica moving toward guantanamo and a threat in the eastern united states. more on that coming up in your seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> in the a race for the white house, it's not the final sprint but barack obama and an army and their running mates hurried from battleground to battleground in a frenzy of campaigning that suits a contest to close to call. with the to washington for more on the intense race. >> the polls are so close that all kinds of combinations of winds in the various battleground states could lead to an obama or romney victory. they are trying to hit them all. >> mitt romney and paul ryan's swing state stork -- swing state toward split up. closing onthey're the president. >> he is out of ideas and out of excuses and in november, you are going to put him out of office. >> ryan went to ohio where he and romney closed up five. get to 1. >> mitt romney and i believe in true compassion and upward mobility. >> colorado could be key. thousands cheered the republican ticket. t
's time now to check weather conditions around the world. people in jamaica are dealing with stormy conditions as a hurricane cuts through the country. psych ka mori tells us more. >> that's right, catherine. as you mentioned, hurricane sandy is now moving through jamaica, pducing stoy ather.we he reports of a 190 kilometers per hour winds in kingston. hurricane force winds whip along for the next couple of hours here. now it's aiming for the north, will likely move through eastern cuba overnight, then affect the bahamas thursday into friday, then head out to sea. after that, it could move parallel to the eastern seaboard of the u.s. into next week. we have hurricane warnings posted in jamaica, eastern cuba, and the bahamas, and tropical storm warnings for hatety as well as the east coast of flida. storage surge combined with destructive waves could cause life-threatening coastal flooding. on top of that heavy rain, we're anticipating total rainfall of about 300 millimeters for a wide area with locally 500. so watch out for mudslides as well. as i mentioned, it's going to stay offsh
after the japanese earthquake. the storm has battered at jamaica, haiti and cuba, killing at least two. >> hurricane sandy tore through the eastern part of cuba during the night, crossing the entire region while hardly the in the intensity, as usually happens when such storms cross overland. towns and villages were drenched in torrential rains. wins write a maximum sustained speed of 170 kilometers per hour -- not the wind was at a maximum sustained speed of 170 kilometers per hour. several residents were moved out of harm's way. others rode out the storm as best they could. >> we are handling it ok. >> but at this evacuation center, some who found themselves in the hurricane's path have needed treatment. as the hurricane moved off north to the bahamas compaq -- to the bahamas, daylight met them without power. before hurricane sandy had cuba, it had battered at jamaica. power lines were down and many were forced to be taken to emergency shelters. an elderly man was said to have been killed when a boulder crashed into his house. ibegs a there are many that are trapped in the keys. they
jamaica goleaba 4-1 a antigua, aca clasifican estados unidos y jamaica por mejor diferencia de goles que por el grupo 3 una fiesta de goles. jugando en san pedro sula, la seleccion de honduras no encontro problema alguno para sepultar 8-1 a canada, con tres goles de jerry bengtson a los 7, 17 y 83 minutos. aumento carlo costly tambien con tres anotaciones a los 29, 48 y 88. le siguio mario martinez con dos tantos a los 34 y 59 minutos, desconto iain hume al os 78. gano honduras y por goleada. a la misma hora se jugaba en la habana por el mismo grupo. y la seleccion de panama empato 1-1 con cuba con anotaciones de alberto gomez a los 38 minutos y nivelo nelson barahona a los 76, con estos resultados clasifican honduras y panama. y cerro el grupo 2 con dos partidos. en torreo se enfrentaron las selecciones de mexico y el salvador en partido de tramite, al final de los 90 minutos, la seleccion de mexico sin esfuerzo derroto 2- 0 a el salvador. a la misma hora en san jose, la seleccion de costa rica goleo 7-0 a guyana y con estos marcadores clasifican mexico y costa rica. la concacaf ya tien
with the satellite picture, very well defined eye as it went over kingston, jamaica, essentially over king stop, jamaica, with 80 mile-per- hour winds and 100 mile-per- hour gusts still a category 1 storm, but that's a pretty intense storm when it hits you directly. now it's headed for the eastern part of cuba, hurricane warnings in effect there as well as central bahamas. you can see the eye that formed just as it rolled across kingston, jamaica. so it's a pretty well organized storm. because of that we already have tropical storm warnings from ocean reef to sebastian inlet florida and tropical storm watches north and south of that on the east side of florida. the track again category 1 right now. it will go across eastern cuba. that hasn't changed since yesterday or the day before. by 2:00 thursday heads into the central bahamas. it does turn a little more to the north and west, becomes a category 1 again friday. it looks like thursday night and friday morning probably the worst times for florida in terms of rainfall and wind. then it begins to behave itself and goes out to sea. the deal is e
in jamaica when a huge boulder rolled on to his house. >> sandy has sustained winds at 80 miles per hour as it heads north. the storm will hit florida tomorrow with wind and rain but as bigad shaban tells us, it's expected to remain in the atlantic. >> reporter: sandy came crashing on to the shores of jamaica as a category 1 hurricane with 80 mile an hour winds. the storm threatened the island with flash floods and mud slides. police say an elderly man was killed after a boulder crushed his home. sandy took down trees and power lines and sent about 500 people fleeing to shelters. but some living in low-lying areas refused to evacuate for fear their homes would be burglarized. [indiscernible] trying to convince the people to leave the streets to come to this shelter. >> reporter: in haiti, one woman was killed after a swollen river swept her away. as the storm moves towards the u.s., it's expected to take one of two tracks. the first has sandy swirling off the east coast posing no serious danger but bringing rain and waves. the second could slam the northeast hitting new york and new engl
move through jamaica on wednesday. before reaching eastern cuba, by wednesday night. or thursday. after that, it could move through the bahamas, on thursday. and then head out to sea and then, toward the northeast. aiming twor wefor bermuda. before weakening. hour cane warnings in effect. jamaica, cuba. hurricane force wind are expected to belter texpect ed to batter the locations. rainfall, 120 millimeters of rain recorded in eastern cuba. more heavy rain coming down as the cyst temperature moving through. 300 millimeters of rain, likely for jamaica, hispainola. and, watch out for mudslides and flash floods. in adegs dition to the storm su and highways, an ongoing issue for the next several days here. as for the rest of north america then, things are looking quite wintry through the north. a series of low pressure systems has been dumping mountain snow showers in the western half of the u.s. and canada. the heavy snow is going to be found in and around southeastern wyoming. as well as the the sierras. maybe up to 45 sent mer 45 cent. rain is spreading from the northern plains into the
>>> all eyes on hurricane sandy as she emerges out of jamaica and moves into cuba. >> those who practice such things are deserving of death. >> a strong statement in tonight's intention backlash. >> a lot of finger pointing going on tonight but it's not about politics. . >> this is what hurricane sandy looks like right now. high waves, winds and they are preparing for a hurricane. >> chief meet rogs wyatt everhart joins us now. >> the prosections -- projections still bringing it right up the coast. this hurricane is strengthening and then crossing over cuba and -- tonight. winds to 80 miles an hour. that say strong category 1. then we think it will briefly weaken and restrengthen to a cat one before becoming a nor'easter situation. that's not going to happen until early next week but this storm is coming awfully close to the east coast. more on this coming up. looking at 70 degrees tomorrow now to the comments in connection with the vote on same sex maryland. >> a pastor said people who engage in homosexual behavior are worthy of death and so are the people who support the
states as early as this weekend. the storm is important for at least two deaths after it pounded jamaica, haiti and cuba with massive flooding and winds over 110 miles an hour. where is the storm? howard has been tracking it. he joins us now with the latest. howard? >> jc, it hit jamaica yesterday and then cuba last night. this morning into the afternoon hours now in the central bahamas. looks like the central and northern bahamas will get the battering from sandy over the next 24 hours. it is not as impressive as it was just before it hit cuba but it's starting to flair up a little bit more now that it's generally over water as opposed to land. tropical systems like water. gusting to 125. this is down a little bit. we're seeing the pressure up a little bit. rising pressure, weakening storm. so you want to watch that number, 964. by tomorrow morning we could still have a category 1, 90 miles an hour winds. the hurricane center believes this will slowly weaken as it kind of parallels the u.s. coast here as we go through the weekend. sunday morning east of wilmington, north carolina. it's
of days. first things first, it has to go through jamaica. the storm is looking more organized overnight. it looks to be increasing in size. the center located right there and now trying to form an eye on satellite imagery. where is the storm heading today in jamaica possibly as a hurricane, crossing over cuba and somewhere over the central bahamas. close enough to florida to bring rain to the east coast of florida. large waves and the possibility of rip currents. from there the storm heads up parallel to the coast line of the southeast. there's some question how close it will be. does not look like we'll see a direct impact or landfall. rip currents and definitely large waves are almost guaranteed at this point. once it gets somewhere near bermuda. a blocking high will stop the storm from heading out to sea. there's a possibility that it will turn into a nor'easter storm and maybe a strong nor'easter and head towards new england and towards the mid-atlantic. that would be a big huge storm with tropical moisture. not a good scenario. that would be monday, tuesday next week. as of today,
and strong wind. in jamaica, mudslide, flooding occurred. two feel reportedly killed in haiti as well as the jamaica. now, sandy is due to intensify and will likely become a category ii hurricane and move through eastern cuba tonight. after that it could move through the bahamas into your friday and move east of the u.s. for the next several days. hurricane warnings posted in jamaica, and, as well as bahamas. in addition to strong wind, high surf, rough seas are going to be an ongoing issue that could cause coastal flooding. heavy rain is going to continue, we anticipating that the rainfall, 300 millimeters, for a wide area, with locally, 500 millimeters. so, a mudslide is also, going to be a great concern here. as for the u.s. bulk of heavy ran should stay over the walters. parts of florida will see heavy rain as well as rough seas conditions over the next few daysai tropical system over the philippines. this is the tropical storm. the center move out to sea. gale force wind and heavy rain are impacting across the northern half of the philippines. it looks like it will become a sever
, going to go across jamaica. she's about to exit jamaica right now, made landfall at jamaica 4:00 this afternoon, winds 80 miles per hour. they had wind gusts of 100 miles per hour. the latest information we have, this is brand-new at 7:00, she still has winds of 80, still a category 1 with gusts of 100 miles per hour and it's now about 60 miles north of kingston. we'll put this into motion. this is thursday afternoon, goes into the bahamas and then tracks a little further to the west. so that's not good news for florida. they already have tropical storm warnings up on the southeast part of the atlantic coast. becomes a category 1 again. then it behaviors pretty much like it did yesterday staying out to sea, kind of parallelling the coast and if it stays this far from shore, we're fine. so i'm not so concerned about the weekend quite frankly. i'm more concerned about what it does after that and this is what i mean. these are -- each line represents a computer model and where they think sandy is going. pretty good confluence over the next 48 hours. then we get into monday at 7:0
of 80 miles per hour. you can see right there, over jamaica. it's been producing a lot of rain and battering areas of jamaica with quite a bit of wind today as a category 1. later it will be making its way through eastern -- over eastern parts of cuba, then on to the southeastern bahamas with its track to the north, and again, very close to the coast in that time period for the early part of next week. here's what we know for today. what we're going to be seeing, this storm sandy, hurricane getting very close to the east coast for the end of the week and early part of next week. could be a destructive storm system for some. i'll give you more details on what i think we'll get around here. today, of course, it was a warm one with our temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. 82 degrees right now in manassas. near record warmth today. i'll have more details on sandy, its track all the way up the coast and what we could see around here monday and tuesday of next week. >>> now to a politician's controversial comments about abortion in cases of rape. the comments of some republicans
lands and to cuba after pounding jamaica. questions remain about what the storm could bring to parts of our area. good morning, washington. it's thursday, october 25. i am steve chenevey. i am cynne simpson. . let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras. >> we don't have to worry about that until late into the weekend. it could be a powerful storm for us, but still quite a bit of uncertainty in the long-term forecast. waking up to a little patchy fog today, especially off to the west and in the shenandoah valley. we have a cooler temperature trend expected. yesterday we hit a record high of 84. indian head low 70's today. we will continue to drop as we approach the weekend. the big question is what will happen with hurricane sandy and a cold front. we will watch that closely. 63 degrees at reagan national, 62 at dulles. mostly cloudy still at 9:00 at 66 degrees. partly sunny and noon, 71. partly cloudy at 5:00, 74 degrees here. more details on the tropics coming up, but now back to news. >> thanks so much hurricane. sandy is getting stronger as it moves through the caribbean. the storm c
a hurricane. it's five miles per hour away from that heading to jamaica. i'll show you the path after it hits that region coming up. >>> bob, thanks so much. there is a criminal investigation into the fungal meningitis outbreak that's killed at least 23 people. and massachusetts is currently pulling the license of that company that made the shots blamed in the outbreak. the state department of health says that there was a visible black matter in sealed vials at the new england compounding center. they failed to sterilize products. and floor mats very lab were visibly dirty. >> they were operating beyond the scope of their compounding l license, instead acting as a manufacturer. >> the very question you're asking, i'm asking. and the investigation continues on. >> georgia is the latest state to report a case of fungal meningitis. more than 300 people have gotten sick from contaminated steroid shots. again, 23 people have died. >>> new this morning, two hours after the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya, the white house knew islamic militants were taking credit for it. that's according to th
testimony from the defendant in this case. >> hurricanes' handy is pondering jamaica. sandy is hitting jamaica. u.s. airways is in hot water. ar >>hurricane sandy slammed into cuba early today. bringing winds up to 105 miles an hour. the category two storm came ashore with waves up to 29 feet. bringing up to 12 inches of rain. knocking out power and taking down trees. the hurricane hit jamaica with 80-mile-an-hour winds yesterday. damaging homes across the island. reports say 70 percent of the country was without power and more than a thousand people had to go to shelters. so far, two deaths are blamed on hurricane sandy. one in jamaica and one in haiti. hurricane warnings have been posted in the bahamas and a tropical storm warning is in effect along the east coast of florida. the hurricane is not expected to enter the gulf of mexico, where the u-s has extensive oil and gas installations. a teenager in colorado goes to court, an hour from now, to face charges of kidnapping and killing a ten-year-old girl. jessica ridgeway vanished on her way to school in suburban denver on october 5
clint dempsey, a la misma hora en kington, jamaica goleaba 4-1 a antigua y barbuda, con estos marcadores estados unidos y jamaica clasifican y guatemala queda fuera por diferencia de goles ya que hicieron los mismos 10 puntos de jamaica. y se cerro el grupo 2, por univision les mostramos la victoria de mexico 2-0 sobre el salvador con goles de oribe peralta y javier hernandez, a la misma hora en san jose, la selecciÓn de costa rica goleaba 7-0 a guyana y ambos completaban la cifra para el exagonal que se jugara a partir del proximo aÑ o. mexico, costa rica, honduras, panama, estados unidos y jamaica. por la conmebol, la jornada inicio en la paz, donde la selecciÓn de bolivia goleo 4-1 a uruguay, con anotaciones de carlos saucedo en tres oportunidad completando gualberto mojica. el descuento charrua fue de luis suarez. en puerto de la cruz, la selecciÓn de venezuela, la vino tinto no pudo de local y termino empatando 1-1 con ecuador, los goles llevaron la firma de juan fernando arango y segundo murillo en el estadio defensores del chaco de asuncion, la seleccio Ón de paraguay con muc
across jamaica. utility companies and homeowners in the d.c. region preparations. >> homeowners can hope they avoid a repeat of past storms. carter is in bloomingdale in northwest d.c., area than has been prone to pass flooding in the past. getting aeople are little concerned. >> absolutely. flooding problems are familiar residents of this neighborhood. year they have had find ways to get more than a of theirater out basements. are worried about what do and whether it another flooded basement. with her cane sandy moving the east coast, people worst anding for the .oping for the best >> i just hope it does not happen. that can stopg the water. to flooding.ranger huntington, virginia. dumped 60 of water basement, damaging everything. >> where else am i going to go? i cannot afford to buy another house. sandy crashed into cuba as a category two. responsible for two caribbean and is for the bbahamas. this man is planning to clear out the storm drains. >> it came so fast. i had to go and rescue people houses.ir >> we spoke with a number of localities including the scene. already had a his eme
to jamaica. people there have been warned to brace and forecasters are saying the east coast could get it as well. say it isn't so. meteorologist rob marciano is monitoring sandy's every move. you are joining us live from atlanta. what do you have for us? >>> the folks like me in the meteorological community are in a tizzy because this is going to hit jamaica and could make a run at the u.s. and for this time of year, that would be extraordinary. and it also has potential to do some crazy things as we get closer to halloween. some longer-range computer models are doing funky things across the northeast coastline. either way, a large storm. tropical storm sandy has winds of 60 miles per hour. 120 miles south of jamaica. it is heading directly north, so it will hit jamaica later on today. likely as a hurricane. we are almost there. so hurricane warnings are posted for jamaica and also for parts of cuba. we are looking at tropical storm warnings there. tropical storm watches now have been posted and that's new as of 5:00 a.m. for the east florida coastline. we don't expect it to make a di
's strengthening. the darker cloud tops, this storm is stringening moving toward jamaica as a weak hurricane early thank. across cuba as a category 1. then into the bahamas as we head into thursday night, friday morning. then hurricane center trying to make it a turn to the north and the east. they've nudged it just a hair back to the west it looks. we'll watch this carefully because this could be a player for us. latest winds up to 70 miles an hour. our forecast, when i say a player for us, it could come up more of the east coast and bring us rain and wind. tomorrow 75. friday 72. next week a lot of saturday depends on sandy. >>> this jackknifed tractor- trailer we've been in touch with authorities down in stafford dealing with the situation that happened at 12:30 this morning where this tractor-trailer is also leaking fuel. it's jackknifed and it's going to be there for a while. they cannot tell us how long it will take before they can open up some more lanes. right now the right shoulder gets by northbound 95 about a mile or two south of courthouse road. so you have some options. you might want
jamaica right now. these pictures taken as the storm first hit the island coast. sandy is expected to get even stronger today as it moves over jamaica and heads to cuba. doug kammerer has more on how sandy could have an impact on us here. doug? >> it really could have an impact on our weather as we make our way into the weekend and early next week. hurricane sandy with winds of 80 miles an hour, just off the coast of the eastern portions of jamaica right now. really hit that eastern side very, very hard. winds upwards of 80 miles an hour, with stronger gusts. trees down, power outages there. now it's on its way over toward cuba. video a little bit earlier this morning as it was making its way onshore. the incredible surf this storm is producing, we'll see it move up the east coast over the next few days. it will be in cuba, bahamas, florida, carolina also, and portions of the northeast. the potential is there for this to be a very dangerous storm. here it is right there. winds right now 80 miles an hour. moving to the north at 14 miles per hour. on that track, moves very close to miami, j
. >>> this morning hurricane warnings are out across jamaica ahead of a powerful storm. right now sandy is still a powerful storm but is expected to strengthen to a category 1 hurricane today. the tropical storm is already drenching parts of jamaica with steady rain. people there are boarding up homes and stocking up on supplies. the country shut down schools and offices. >>> 5:21. let's get the latest from meteorologist tom kierein. tom? >> we're watching sandy because it could affect us. no effects from that now. now here's the live view from hd 4 city camera. just clouds closing in. sandy is 150 miles south of jamaica now. the latest statistics, it has 70 mile an hour winds moving north at 17 miles an hour. it's going to be passing over jamaica with flooding rain and hurricane force winds. then taking a turn and missing south florida, off the florida coast, maybe west of bermuda. does look like maybe sunday afternoon. after that, it may track farther north and come near us on monday and tuesday next week. so stay tuned. getting a few sprinkles on storm team 4 radar coming into the west in lou
in the tropics, at least as far as land threats have gone. this will move across jamaica, cuba, most likely as a hurricane tomorrow and thursday. then it will be near the bahamas on friday. that's close enough to florida that it has our atone shun. it's far enough down in the warm waters of the caribbean, well away from the chilly air of the united states right now. so the warm waters will allow it to develop into a hurricane, crossing jamaica, cuba, over the bahamas on friday. at this point the hurricane center thinks it will go north-northeast, all the rain and wind offshore. the question is what happens when it goes to bermuda? will it go out to sea or get sucked up towards the canadian maritimes or the northeast? it will be a delicate dance to see what happens with sandy come this time next week. otherwise out there just some areas of rain. one moving across new york state, from buffalo to syracuse. the other near missouri. that will be heading up towards chicago for the morning commute. i'll talk more about the rainy weather forecast coming up later. >>> bill and hillary to haiti, and
pace towds the north and likely to move through jamaica by wednesday afternoon and then eastern cuba by wednesday night as hurricane strength and after that it will move through the alabama and then veer towards the northeast and then become a remnant low aiming for bermuda. we have hurricane warnings in place for jamaica and eastern cuba and that means hurricane force winds are expected to occur on a wednesday here and heavy rain is already occurring and of course rainill be intensifying as the system moving through because it will move at a slow pace and could be about 300 millimeters likely. mud slides and flash floods are a high risk in addition to that storm surge combined. up towards the north things are looking wintery because a series of low pressure system has been drumping mountains of snow and it will be quite heavy any parts of southeastern wyoming as well we're anticipating 45 centimeters of snow to fall in the sierras for the next 24 hours. meanwhile, rain showers will develop from colorado up into minnesota and turning quite severe in the upper mississippi valley from
if it was just like super lyn. >>> tropical storm sandy has the chance of becoming a hurricane hitting jamaica today and cuba as we go throughout tonight and then near florida by the time we get to friday. the storm has intensified. it's a big, red, spinning blob on the map. this has all the indications of being a significant impact storm in his life span. it may not just be jamaica and cuba. the bahamas will be hit by a strong tropical storm. then florida gets brushed. then it will be a question of what happens on the east coast. anyone traveling sunday, monday, tuesday from north carolina to new england, it has the potential to curve out and bring it back towards new england next week. in the west we're still dealing with hit and miss rain showers. san francisco getting it right now and up near interstate 80, sacramento to tahoe and outside of reno. this is a pretty big storm. it continues to spin. the upper level low off the washington coastline. it's dragging the cold air down through idaho into areas of utah. the temperatures have dropped significantly through the inner mountain west and
here, moving across jamaica now. moving across cuba, already some hurricane warnings are in effect as the storm warnings are going to continue to intensify. flooding has been a major risk here. mud slides remembered, jamaica here, you're still recovering from the earthquake so you still want to watch this very closely, definitely there's going to be a very dangerous risk here, even long the east coast of florida, rip currents and beach erosion is going to be a major factor here and look at that with those heavy rain showers pushing into miami during the next 72 hours. we have a winter storm system moving across the western great lakes, this is going to be sparking up some severe weather, talking about thunderstorms, lightning, hail and even a tornado or two could be seen out of this, as it continues to rush out there towards the east. it's going to be a rough one indeed. temperatures out ahead of it, though, are warm. atlanta, 26, winnipeg on the other hand, rather cold there on your wednesday, only a high of 5, here's a look at your extended forecast. >>> we'll be back with more u
noviembre. azotar jamaica y arrojar grandes cantidades de lluvia th repÚblica dominicana, tendremos el reporte desde allÍ. y re gris el debate sobre los riesgos para la salud. para quienes viven cerca de una planta nuclear en california. lanzan ya un estudio y tenemos, la hazaÑa de un venezolano que le dicen kun-fu panda. comenzamos. este es su noticiero univisiÓn. ediciÓn nocturna. con ilia calderÓn y enrique acevedo. >>> muy buenas noches, estamos a 13 dÍas lo que se perfila como una elecciÓn cerrada. la mayor parte de las encuestas registran un empate entre ambos candidatos considerando el margen de error. la firma gallup muestra una diferencia de 3 puntos en favor del candidato republicano mitt romney. bajÓ el 50% de las preferencias y el presidente, obama subiÓ al 47%. por cierto que el presidente dijo hoy, que si es reelegido lograra un acuerdo con los republicanos, para pasar la prometida reforma al sistema mi frra tri, el mandatario hizo la declaraciÓn en iowa, uno de los estados mÁs pe aliados en la campaÑa. el presidente obama dijo que si gana la elecciÓn, serÁ
. one in jamaica and one in haiti. so, nbc meteorologist bill karins has been tracking this powerful hurricane this morning. what can you tell us? >> unfortunately, the storm intensified and right now over santiago cuba got nailed in the unfortunate right quadrant at the eye of landfall. jamaica, 75% of the island does not have power and bands over hatedty will cause life threatening flash flooding through the morning hours. the bahamas during the day today will also take the brunt of this. up to category 2. a major hurricane when it made landfall last night in cuba ask moving to the north at 18 miles an hour, about 440 miles away from miami. the new forecast from the national hurricane center. it parallels the southeast coastline all the way through the outer banks through sunday into monday. that means a glancing blow for areas such as miami, west palm beach, daytona beach, jacksonville, charleston through myrtle beach and back into the carolinas. and then the storm should be captured where it will be appear soared by a big cold front and area of low pressure across the united stat
by wednesday. it looks like it is going to move through or get close to jamaica. by wednesday. and then head for eastern -- cuba as well as bahamas into friday. tropical storm force winds are expected to be in jamaica by tuesday night. heavy rain is going to pound across many low cases as much as 250 millimeters, likely, for a wide area, and locally 400 millimeters. watch out for mudslides and flsh floo -- flash floods. next several days. let's go to europe. the fog is blanketing parts of europe. this is the footage coming out of polllanand. flights were canceled at poland's main airport. early monday. many passengers were stranded. not only polan. par -- not only poland. also experiencing the same situation. overnight cooling. combined with relatively warm, cooling air coming in from the ocean. as the temperature rised during the daytime hours. fog will be dissipating. meanwhile, a big storm is approaching from the atlantic to the iberian peninsula from the next several days. from the north, very wet, windy, snow showers are likely across the scandinavian peninsula. the system will sag towa
between jamaica and south of cuba. looks like it was a storm hit their of the eastern sections of jamaica. easton to extend earlier this afternoon. the storm is getting stronger, unfortunately. winds up to 90 miles an hour. it gets up to 96 degrees, it would be a category 2 hurricane. vickers towards bermuda -- it curves towards permit and maybe back to the northwest. maybe the maryland delaware coastal areas. the european model shows the storm moving from just off cape hatteras sunday afternoon or evening up towards the delaware bay monday afternoon or evening. that would be nasty scenario for us with heavy rain and wind followed by a blast of cold. we have to watch for early next week69-74 tomorrow after the morning fog burns off. western maryland mountains, temperatures will be warm. in little more sunshine it and the mountains. eastern shore, morning clouds and fog is burning off moderate than normal temperatures. -- milder than normal temperatures. 7 day forecast -- the next couple will be quiet. sun mixed with clouds. showers began saturday evening. heavy rain and wind possible sund
a jamaica. seguÍa al oriente de cuba para amine zar a bahamas y el sur de la florida. los aeropuertos internacionales. jamaica cerraron y la policÍa ordenÓ. toques de queda de 48 horas entre ambas ciudades para amantes tener a la gente fuera de las calles. estados unidos cuenta con la autopista mÁs veloz que se puede conducir legalmente a 85 millas por hora. es un tramo de 40 millas de la autopista 130 de texas. quedÓ abierta hoy y la convierte en mÁs alto lÍmite. y estarÁn atentas para evitar que conductores sobrepasen, esta velocidad mÁxima. >>> hay varios jugadores de fultz bol sancionados en guatemala. >>> de ese paÍs y enviada al comitÉ disciplinario. de la federaciÓn internacional de fÚtbol. aficionado la fifa. erika nos explica cuÁles fueron las causas de esta sanciÓn y quienes fueron los sancionados. >>> la fifa anuncio hoy su decisiÓn de sancionar de por vida a los futbolistas guatemaltecos. johnny wilson flores y gustavo adolfo cabrera por participar en varios partidos. >>> fue duro para nosotros fue duro para el cuerpo tÉcnico. y porque era base de nuestra s
're tracking sandy, of course, which is a hurricane, down here over jamaica, well south of florida, a large storm. more on sandy in a second. gorgeous wther over the chesapeake, a little haze di. look at the fall color in spots. it is looking good. how about dunn duck. the fall color looks like it's about at peak. indeed it s if you're going to go out and cruise the foilage between new and saturday afternoon when you want to do that. the wind and the rain coming up. it will knock the leaves off the trees. 75 at the airport. winds are southeast. hey, 80 today. how does that stack up. 64 would be the average. we've been as cold as 25 degrees. we're two degrees off the old time record so that is bit unusual. temperatures in the mid-70s across the board and a quiet pattern other than morning cloud cover which eventually broke up. temperatures skyrocket. a big surge of very warm air out of the south. we'll be down to the mid-70s. not quite as warm mass today. take a lock at our future temps. we're back in the 70s. what i want to draw your attention to, as we go into friday night, you begin to se
be hurricane sandy if it isn't already out there. an eye has gun to form and jamaica will get hit by a hurricane later today. the storm has intensified overnight over the warm waters in the caribbean. worst case scenario for jamaica, possibly a category 2 landfall during the day today. that's not what they wanted to hear. where is the storm heading? it looks like we're not going to see a direct landfall anywhere in the florida peninsula or along the southeast coast line. it should be somewhere on friday weakening to a tropical storm over the central bahamas and then paralleling the southeast coast and heading more or less in between north carolina and bermuda. at this point usually these storms hook out to sea. not this one. this one's going to be blocked by an area of high pressure here. it has to return somewhere either to the north towards the maritimes or possibly hooking all the way back and getting captured by the jet stream into new england as a huge nor'easter. that will be monday, tuesday of next week. as for today, really no issues out there across the country. the weath
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